Nuance Speech Recognition Technology is everywhere these days.

If you can talk to a software application, you can bet that Nuance speech recognition is behind it. Nuance is the maker of Dragon Medical, Dragon Legal and the Dragon NaturallySpeaking line of dictation software.

Siri for the iPhone utilizes Nuance speech recognition technology and has helped sales of the iPhone 4s move back to the top spot with a slight lead over Android.

Evi, the new app from True Knowledge, also utilizes Nuance speech recognition along with its world-renowned Answer Engine (as opposed to just a ‘search engine’) to deliver quick intelligent answers to the user.

As a dealer for Nuance speech recognition products, Voice Automated has watched this technology grow in leaps and bounds.

What’s on the horizon for speech recognition?  Check back with the Voice Automated Blog to find out.   See Evi on YouTube

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